Iván Sánchez Iglesias

Performer working towards a new approach for classical and contemporary music.

Photo: Rens Bressers

Performer | Teacher | Arranger

Photo: Maria Margarida Lucas

Saxophonist Iván Sánchez defines himself as a passionate for music. 

With a focus on the music of nowadays, he aims to bring a new experience to his audience experimenting with digital sounds and electronics, new staging ideas, lights or visuals.

At the moment Iván is busy with creating a new immersive music performance that aims to engage the younger generations with contemporary music.


News on projects, studies and other things to share.


Human Bubbles

As flowers bloom and trees regain their colour, we find ourselves in a newly found state of hopefulness. We await the light at the end

Iván Sánchez Iglesias - Refin(d)ing


The concert program Refin(d)ing came forth from 1) 4 years of studies in the Bachelor’s of Music in Fontys Academy of Music and Arts, and;

2AZ1 - Saxophone and percussion


2AZ1 is a saxophone and percussion duo formed by Inês Lacerda and Iván Sánchez Iglesias based in the Netherlands. For 2AZ1, genres don’t exist. Why

Stem Quartet | Saxophone Quartet

Stem Quartet

Stem Quartet is a saxophone quartet formed by young musicians based in Tilburg, the Netherlands.  Music is a powerful medium and provides a voice for