Iván Sánchez


2AZ1 - Saxophone and percussion





Inês Lacerda

about the project

2AZ1 is a saxophone and percussion duo formed by Inês Lacerda and Iván Sánchez Iglesias based in the Netherlands.

For 2AZ1, genres don’t exist. Why be limited or defined by one genre when you can also experiment and cross the boundaries of music? Saxophone and percussion is the perfect instrument combination for such a diverse repertoire. Because the different instruments that fall under the “percussion” category open up a whole world of sounds and timbres to play with, and the saxophone adjusts perfectly to this diversity: one moment playing loud and percussive, the other moment a melodic singing voice. 

In everything 2AZ1 has done so far, such as contemporary music, improvised music, collaborations with young composers, and crossovers with jazz and even theatre, their aim has always been to sound as a unity (truly playing with two as one; hence the name 2AZ1) and above all to pass their energy and enjoyment to the audience.

2AZ1 discontinued their collaboration in June 2020.

Photo: Maria Margarida Lucas

2AZ1 Premiering the piece “Paranoid Song” composed for them by Ximo Tarín-Micó, with which they earned the first prize in the Fontys Willem II Chamber Music Competition in 2019.