Iván Sánchez


Current and past projects, including ensembles and solo programs. Click on each of the images for more information. 


ION collective

ION Collective is a new ensemble that asked me to record promotional materials for the new opera El meu amor. La meua mort. This included



In this untitled performance I explored human connection, immersive performance, and electronic music. With large projections all throughout the concert hall and the audience seated



In June 2021 I recorded several pieces for Celeritas ensemble. Listen to the recordings below. Audio: Iván Sánchez IglesiasCamera: Iván Sánchez IglesiasVideo edit: Julia Hernández


LIM Ensemble

In 2021 recorded a performance of this unusual ensemble. Still in COVID times, this performance was broadcast online as part of FISP – Festival Internacional


Human Bubbles

As flowers bloom and trees regain their colour, we find ourselves in a newly found state of hopefulness. We await the light at the end

Iván Sánchez Iglesias - Refin(d)ing


The concert program Refin(d)ing came forth from 1) 4 years of studies in the Bachelor’s of Music in Fontys Academy of Music and Arts, and;

2AZ1 - Saxophone and percussion


2AZ1 is a saxophone and percussion duo formed by Inês Lacerda and Iván Sánchez Iglesias based in the Netherlands. For 2AZ1, genres don’t exist. Why

Stem Quartet | Saxophone Quartet

Stem Quartet

Stem Quartet is a saxophone quartet formed by young musicians based in Tilburg, the Netherlands.  Music is a powerful medium and provides a voice for