Iván Sánchez

Stem Quartet

Stem Quartet | Saxophone Quartet





Maria Margarida Lucas (alto), Rita Baptista (tenor) & Bruno Alonso Iglesias (baritone)

about the project

Stem Quartet is a saxophone quartet formed by young musicians based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. 

Music is a powerful medium and provides a voice for many people. Therefore the name “Stem” (from Dutch: voice) seemed fitting for these musicians trying to make a difference in the world of (contemporary) classical music. The group plays from a wide selection of styles, appealing to a broad audience. Their especially warm and deep sound gives an extra dimension to both old and new repertoire, and their musical ideas and expression allow the audience to enjoy the full potential of the saxophone quartet.

Stem Quartet was a finalist in the Fontys Willem II Chamber Music contest and the Asten Award, which did not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stem Quartet has discontinued their collaboration as of June 2020.

Stem Quartet premiering the piece Content(ion) by Haroun Iqbal